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Photo Gallery

In Tokyo with Bavarian Radio Orchestra
In Palanga
This is how they prepare the dough for their traditional bread called lavash (the most delicious bread in the world!) in Armenia:
And this is how they bake lavash:
Concert in Yerevan
In Jaffa
On holiday in Lithuania. August 2012
Visiting Vilnus which used to be called "Jerusalem of the North" for several centuries preceding WWII, because of its exceptionally large and thriving Jewish community.
In Caesaria
Visiting Budapest, November 2010
More pictures
With the goddaughter from New York
Visiting Zagreb and Belgrade, November 2010
Evgeny introduces a book
"The Shakespeare Game: The mystery of the great Phoenix" 
Written by a Russian scholar Ilya Gililov - Verbier Festival & Academy in Switzerland - 2003.
Evgeny: "This book has been one of the greatest impressions in my life"
With the goddaughter from Berlin
Evgeny's childhood in Russia
Other photos...
Learning to play guitar
Grave in New Jersey
In Jerusalem
Evgeny with the goddaughter from Paris
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