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Nikolai Myaskovsky


August 8, 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the death of the wonderful Russian composer Nikolai Myaskovsky . It’s interesting that the first piece of Myaskovsky’s very first opus that he wrote was a romance on a poem by Baratynsky, the text of which applies to Myaskovsky himself, so this romance in a way became a prophecy of the meaning of Myaskovsky’s own life and creative legacy. Like Baratynsky, he did not belong to the giants of art, but nevertheless he was a remarkable composer with his own distinct style: he created a number of masterpieces (like, for example, his 6th Symphony or 2nd Piano Sonata), and now, 70 years after his death, we still need his music.

Translation of poem: here

My Favorite Recordings of his Compositions

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